In the Huerto de San Eusebio we grow organic citrus varieties, controlling all phases of the cultivation of our fruits and sending them home directly without intermediaries. To facilitate the purchase we have prepared this calendar of varieties with availability throughout the year. If you have any questions, contact us and we will inform you which variety best suits your needs.

We only sell citrus fruits grown in our fields located between Carcaixent and Alzira, so quantities are limited.

huerto san eusebio calendario variedades 1
huerto san eusebio calendario variedades 2

Home made jams

We can also offer jams made with our organic citrus fruits. The different home made jams are:

  • Orange Marmalade
  • Orange Marmalade with Ginger
  • Clementina Tangerine Jam
  • Tangerine Marmalade Comuna
  • Grapefruit Jam
  • Lemon Marmalade
  • Three Citrus Marmalade (lemon, grapefruit and orange)
  • Yuzu Lime Jam
  • Kumquat Jam

Other products

  • Kumquat in syrup (360g)
  • Olives in citrus flavored oil (270g)

Blossom honey

We also have blossom honey from Carcaixent Honey is brought directly from the bee-hide to the pot, with no heat or filter used. Our honey is specially clear and sweet with no additives.